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  • Clive Vanderwagen

The power of purpose and meaning

I wrote a blog post about my mental health and ending up in a psychiatric hospital when I was in a job I hated.

I wrote about how meaningless I felt, and how life felt purposeless because my work was in contradiction to my core value in life – to make people better.

Thought I'd share a quick video in response to the many mails, comments and calls I've received.

So many people resonated with the place I found myself. So many feel like they're there. The desperation to find something that would make them happy. And perhaps facing the decision that they have to stay in a place that makes them unhappy because it provides stability.

I refused to settle into depression and simply resign myself to a job that created unhappiness, although it provided security and wealth.

I decided to follow my purpose. Because purpose is gold. And where happiness starts.

Your mental health matters more than your job. And the people you work with. You can't allow your manager to make you depressed, your colleagues to bully you, or your position to feel undervalued.

Decide how to show up. Decide your purpose and your meaning. And happiness will follow.

Watch the video here:

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