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Clive Vanderwagen is a speaker, writer and coach. He is a TEDx speaker, and has been a keynote speaker and MC for numerous events. He has appeared on South African television programmes and is a business mindset consultant and speaker at events across the country.

Clive Vanderwagen runs a training and coaching consultancy where he works with people to be better in their interactions with other people (especially in businesses), to challenge mindset, and to set intentions in our careers and personal life.

“I have never enjoyed a session so much. I might be addicted to your talks now. You have a real gift, Clive and you are also a gift to the lives you touch with your sessions. Let me not go on and on, just wanted to say you are gold.“            



Clive Vanderwagen is an experienced keynote speaker and MC. He is a TEDx speaker, podcast host and author.

He has hosted corporate events for companies such as Clicks, Old Mutual and Caxton Magazines, and spoken at numerous conferences and engagements. 

Clive’s style is authentic and engaging, using emotion and humour to captivate his audience and to deliver a message that resonates and creates change. His speaking has been described as ‘eye-opening,’ ‘powerful’ and, most importantly, accessible to people in business contexts, or in their personal lives.

“How did you make us cry and laugh and love and feel so much in those minutes? Genius.”

“Oh my word Clive, your talk was very moving, and full of love and perception, and simply awe-inspiring.”



Clive Vanderwagen has a Master's degree in Journalism & Media Studies and worked as the Creative Director for Caxton Magazines. His writing has been published in numerous print publications and websites internationally and has been featured in LA Weekly, New York Weekly, American WeeklyDisrupt, Whole Foods MagazineBizCommunity, BizNewsFood & Home, Bona, Joburg Style, Good TasteMambaOnline and Progressive Leader, amongst others.

Clive has also worked as a copywriter for below the line advertising and written numerous press releases, articles and guides for corporates.



Everyone needs a coach. How else do you stay ahead, healthy and focused? Clive Vanderwagen has coached clients privately and in businesses and allows each person to explore what change they want to bring about in their lives.

He focuses on mindset and stepping into your power, and encouraging you to grow as a person emotionally and in relationship with others. 

He’s not a life coach. He’s a partner who gets alongside you to get you fit for life – to take each day as it comes from a place of security, positivity and hope.

The coaching experience was profound, and life-changing. Clive has a rare gift to interpret people and situations with uncanny accuracy. 

He delivers his insights delicately and always made me feel positive about the upheaval taking place in my mind. 

He gave me guidance and a set of tools to deal with certain issues and he set me on a path to self-improvement.


CONTACT CLIVE  |  +27 (0) 83 292 1256

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